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Congratulations Melinda, I am very impressed with your website. I am an academic conducting research in the field of twice-exceptional education. Having spent over a decade working with gifted and twice-exceptional children, I have a deep understanding of the pedagogical support required to successfully build positive identity throughout a child’s formative years. Many of my publications and conference presentations promote the importance of this. With understanding and the use of evidence-based strategies, such as the ones you are promoting, twice-exceptional students are more likely to develop their potential, be happy, and enjoy life satisfaction long after they have left school, in fact for up to a decade after leaving school. My research shows that student progress is also influenced by activities beyond the classroom, such as music. Your encouragement and support for teachers to ‘find’ as well as ‘support’ twice-exceptional students constitutes a potential lifeline for many twice-exceptional children who so often feel misunderstood.

As a highly respected advocate for twice-exceptional students, and a scholar within our field, you have designed a resource which will be well received by both teachers and parents. 


Geraldine Townend PhD, Research Fellow, Gifted and Twice-exceptional Education, Griffith University, Queensland, Australia

When I first found Melinda’s 2E website earlier in 2016 I thought it was such a find! It is so well thought out and is full of practical and useful advice for individuals like myself who might find themselves wanting some guidance in teaching 2E pupils. The site is a tangible example of Melinda’s generosity and considerable knowledge in this area. When she kindly agreed to contribute to The Curious Piano Teachers membership site many of our member’s found her input to be so valuable and I know they will be returning time after time to her website.

CuriousPianoTeachersLogoDr Sally Cathcart,  Director and co-founder of The Curious Piano Teachers



Melinda- this website provides a valuable resource for music teachers who may have students who demonstrate some of the characteristics of a student who is 2E. As an academic in the field of gifted education, I feel it is important that information is up to date and based on research which is what you have achieved with this website. A website such as this provides an opportunity for teachers to find out more about these students and to advocate for them in order for the students to have the opportunity to reach their potential. Well done Melinda for speaking out for these students and providing this valuable resource.

 Dr Catherine Wormald, uow
University of Wollongong Lecturer                                        Gifted and Special Needs Education



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The November 2016 Issue featured an article on Twice-Exceptionality in the Piano Studio by Melinda Gindy. Click here to read the digital edition of this article in The Piano Teacher.